I want to make a dodgeball map and i need help

Please type ideas in the comment

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Welcome to the forum! Have you tried using some sort of gadget, and you collect the ammo(dodgeballs) around the map?

Welcome to the forum @MOON!Also, other people might have the answer for that, but please remember:No j0in codes, and also remember to save yourself from unwanted visitors by clipping out codes in screenshots!Thank you, have a magnificient day!

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The dodgeball could be a weapon, with different weapons have variety of speed
Here’s a guide
The Ultimate Guide for Every Weapon

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Hello can you help me with one of my maps thankyou

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What do you need help with?

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A bedwar map or my Fnaf map

What specifically do you need help with?


What’s your first priority?
For bedwars, look in the bedwars tag and for fnaf, look in the fnaf tag.


I tried doing Making a FNAF map but i didint understand

and that my first priority

Did you look at this guide?


Yes i did but i didint undertand it

What part did you not understand?

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evreything it just confusing

What part do you need help with?
I’ll try to go more in-detail with it.


The camras and the door and the light

What where your device settings and wires?
I don’t think it was that confusing, I think I explained things pretty well.

How do you do wire repetar part