How to Create Quantum Portal Machineguns!

what does “spam the number 2 mean”

press the 2 key repeatedly.

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Bump because cool. It would be so cool as an upgrade, but it’s a little too buggy and finicky for my taste.

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i just made it and tried it it does not work

You also need to click rapidly. Spamming 2 gets you to the quantum portal, and clicking rapidly shoots.

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You have to spam the number 2 key on your keyboard so when the quantum portal is removed, it goes on the second inventory slot and you’re ready to fire again.
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i got it to work and i have been on here for a while i just haven’t made an acount until friday

Bump! Fun fact: This was the first guide I ever read! Also, slinshot instead of quantum portal in this would be SOOOO OP. Also, how did you get the screenshot of that?


I was able to take the screenshot of the quantum portals by rapidly shooting the portals from the farthest part of the camera, and quickly taking a screenshot.


bumpppp!!! BUMPPPP


but i want to move easily while having instant reload bc i would need to be in an awkward position

What do you mean?

When I use my left hand to press 2 and my right hand to click to shoot, I find it difficult to move around as I don’t have a third hand.

Use your middle finger to press 2 and the other 2 finger for left and right. If you replace the quantum portal with a slingshot, then you should be able to release enough shots to not need to use up and down.

Huh, never realized that would be a problem. Especially for me, who uses arrow keys.

Best setup: Pinkie on a, ring finger on 2, middle finger on w, and index finger on d.

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ok that feels better

The wording is confusing me

Really nice job. This is gonna be fun for trolling my friends

Umm. When I do that, it doesn’t let me shoot.