How to Create Quantum Portal Machineguns!


The title is pretty self explanatory.

How to do it:

Place down a lifecycle device. The event should track when the game starts.

Now, place down a wire repeater. The delay should be as long as you want, but it should be a small number.

Now, place down another wire repeater with no delay. Wire the wire repeater to the other one, and connect it to an item granter that grants you -1 of the quantum portal. DO THIS FIRST, BECAUSE OF AUO.

Wire the delayed wire repeater again to an item granter that gives you one quantum portal.


Start the game, and spam the number 2. This is what it should look like:

What You can Do:

You could make this an OP upgrade in a battle royale.
You could destroy a 10,000 health barrier in less than 10 seconds like what I did.

Happy Gimkitting!


Nice guide!

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I swear I put a claim on quantum portal machineguns before on the idea thread…


Yeah, @WhoAmI said for no one to steal it, but good guide anyways!


Oops, I remembered the title from somewhere and decided to make it… sorry!


do you connect the lifecycle to anything?

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Please reply soon I want to show my game to a friend tomorrow and I need to have this.

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You connect the lifecycle to the wire repeater clock.

wait which one the one with a delay or without the delay?

Please respond :pleading_face:

Do the one that gives you the quantum portal first. If it doesn’t work, do the other one.

they both don’t work maybe I messed up let me see…

before I check for the wire repeaters which one is the one that connects to the other? the delayed one or the other one

wow this is so cool!

does it work for you? It doesn’t work for me

i just tried it, and it does not, i’m going to rebuild it.

that what I did but it still did not work.

:sob: :disappointed_relieved: :cry:

@mysz, do i need something to jump start the wire repeaters?

oh i figured it out