The Quantum Portal might be useful as a support weapon in Gimkit

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I don’t think this should be your primary weapon because in high-range scenarios, the weapon can’t travel fast enough, and should be substituted for a higher range weapon like the blaster.

However: are some thoughts on why I think it might be useful as a support weapon:

  • Highest damage of any weapon possible
  • Having multiple in inventory allows more hitting
  • Able to one-shot
  • Can be swapped to other weapons
  • Can easily hit gims that chase you

However, there are some problems with this as well, that can thankfully (mostly be covered) by other weapons.

  • No ammo (no alt)
  • Long reload time (no alt)
  • Poor velocity; cannot chase players with weapon (Use blaster instead)
  • Cannot be used in long-ranged scenarios (use blaster)

These are my thoughts about the quantam portal (launcher) in Gimkit.

Also check out @GimSolver 's thoughts on the blaster:

Use in anti-chasing scenarios

In situations where someone is chasing you, you can easily one-shot the player as they will run into the projectile when you are using this weapon and running away from players. It will deal more DPS than other weapons if you keep multiple of this weapon in your inventory, but the recovery time will be annoying.


Since this weapon has no ammo, I advice using this as a support weapon else you will be vulnerable. If you have multiple of the quantam portal, I recommend using this to its full potential by firing, then swapping, then firing again, then swapping to your main weapon. When you run out of ammo, immediately swich to your main weapon. When you are safe, feel free to reload your quantum portals. Else, if you don’t have a main weapon, and the quantum portals are your main, try to run from the people trying to attack you, then spam portals when they get somewhat colse to you. Do not take reload breaks then.

Why should it be a secondary weapon and not a main weapon?

It lacks in a few situations, and it’s impossible to hit people from afar, or chase people with this weapons, which is why I recommend carrying this weapon alongside a higher velocity weapons like the blaster as a safe approach.


maybe make it a little longer? also, maybe you could mention how in tight situation when you’re one shot and your enemy is full hp, a lucky shot can KO.

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it just a shotgun with low spread

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you cant’t shoot with no ammo…

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which is why you need to immediately switch to another weapon afterwards or wait dor it to reload i guess

I mean it has 1 ammo. not none.

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I edited the paragraph to show that when you run out of ammo, you would switch to another weapon instead of a duplicate of the same weapon.

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I agree with this, all of this.


I think you can just put the reload speed to “Instant” and then use an autoclicker. But some ppl don’t have an autoclicker, so I guess it still is a support weapon.


Swapping gadgets won’t work, gadgets only reload if you are holding them.

you can use inf. ammo though.

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Even with autoclicker, the attack itself is slow.

You can make a machine gun.

But still, the projectile speed is very slow.

Quantum Portal should be called an AFK killer and bump

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