How to Create Quantum Portal Machineguns!

What I need help!!

Ok so what you have to do is get a life-cycle and make the event game start, then get a wire repeater and set the delay to a small number,(i’m using 0.5) then get a another wire repeater without delay and set it beside the one with the delay. Then get an item granter and set it to grant -1 of quantum portals. Now wire the life-cycle to the wire repeater with the delay and the one with the delay to the one without the delay. Then wire the one without the delay to the item granter. Now get another item granter and have it grant 1 quantum portal. Now wire the wire repeater with delay to that item granter, then wire the wire repeater without delay to the one with delay. The finished product should look like this.
Screenshot 2023-07-21 12.50.28 PM


i hope this was clear enough

it looks easy thanks!!! :grinning: :smile: :sunglasses:

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so @Vortex-Mist i got everything done but when i shoot it, i shows that its not reloading but it takes the normal reload time to make it shoot again. and what do i need to click when i wire the repeaters to the granters

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welcome to the community! typically, when you get a new gadget, you have to wait for it to reload to start using it. this maybe your problem, which if it is, i have no solution.

@slowflow, what is the delay time of your wire repeater? I found that some delay times often make it glitchy, and just stop working all together.
Edit: Welcome to the community!

@slowflow, i forgot to mention you have to spam the number 2 while shooting. If everything is set up correctly, it should work, and this might be the problem if the delay isn’t.

what does “spam the number 2 mean”

press the 2 key repeatedly.

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Bump because cool. It would be so cool as an upgrade, but it’s a little too buggy and finicky for my taste.

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i just made it and tried it it does not work

You also need to click rapidly. Spamming 2 gets you to the quantum portal, and clicking rapidly shoots.

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You have to spam the number 2 key on your keyboard so when the quantum portal is removed, it goes on the second inventory slot and you’re ready to fire again.
@bucaunverse13 Welcome to the Forums! I suggest reading guides in forum-tips and beginner-must-read.

i got it to work and i have been on here for a while i just haven’t made an acount until friday

Bump! Fun fact: This was the first guide I ever read! Also, slinshot instead of quantum portal in this would be SOOOO OP. Also, how did you get the screenshot of that?


I was able to take the screenshot of the quantum portals by rapidly shooting the portals from the farthest part of the camera, and quickly taking a screenshot.


bumpppp!!! BUMPPPP

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but i want to move easily while having instant reload bc i would need to be in an awkward position

What do you mean?