Is there any way for a gun to be one shot WITHOUT changing health?

It could be a powerful upgrade in battle royale, One Way Out themed games, and etc

legendary quantum portals?

Decrease player health possibly.

@PaddingtonBear, @The_7th_Dragon, I mean that WITHOUT decreasing health and legendary Quantum portals, how can a gun be one shot?

That is a lot harder to do, what weapon do you want to use as this one shot weapon.

Any weapon that can spam, such as snowball launchers and wooden wands.

Even with a legendary snowball launcher, the only way to one shot is lower a players max health or health percentage

Alright, This sounds like a job for the Machine Gun Quantum Portal.

I don’t think this is possible yet, also josh did do a poll and a device called damage modifier won

How much health do you want your players to have?

If you have under 233 health you could use this:


Without quantum portals. Also I tried the quantum machinegun it worked but I dont want it. You know what Im just gonna wait until the Damage Modifier comes out. Thanks for the support guys!

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