How to make a gadget have a longer cool down

something that I need in my map is that if you get a gadget, (a snowball launcher) its to fast, but the damage is perfect, how do I make the snowball launcher have a much longer cool down?

You could try using this but make longer delays between granting and regranting.

I said a cool down, not a machine gun, I want a gun to go slower

I want each shot to be farther apart, like a cool down of 1.5 seconds per shot

Yes, I know, you can adjust the guide to your preferences, make the wire repeater have a longer delay.

ohhhhh, ok let me check it out real quick

I don’t know how you’d do that because you can’t track when a player shoots, but you can try using lots of checkers and blockcode.

yeah okay, I guess I just have to figure it out

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