Need Ideas for obstacles in a maze

I am making a game with a maze mode where if you touch the walls, you die, any ideas for any obstacles I should put into it? I already have on and off lasers, so don’t suggest those, preferably harder things.

Sentries? Maybe add this

Put zones randomly around. When the player enters the zone, it will say(notification) that you have triggered a landmine. It then forces you to respawn.

Barrier Walls that switch on or off when you go through a zone, also making the barriers invisible might be funny :laughing:

random buttons that some spawn sentries others spawn barriers

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Add some rocks and make it hide the rock when you defeat the sentry in front of it?

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A pit where you are running through it at half speed with quantum portal sentries firing at you.

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barriers that you have to break down w/ 5 second buttons to make it extra annoying.
u could have 5 of them in one path and at the end. it jst said
“Haha, I wasted your time!”

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@OoGoO, you could have triggers that trigger a random reaction that could either be harmless or make someone respawn. It could also help someone.


That’s just cruel XD What kind of criminal master mind are you?

Yeah, that’s just evil. To be fair, though, I’ve done it myself.

but make it after a certain period of time