[📜] The Ultimate Guide To Every Device Part 3!

I don’t think so.

oh that kinda ruins a part of my game :frowning:

10x is already so powerful and can make the Quantum Portal do thousands of damage in seconds but if you read the post I linked above, when one is activated it replaces the previous one.

I did but I can’t really use that because in my game, people can destroy boxes to deal more damage

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Wait can it do thousands with the method that removes the reload time or just normally?

Yes, with the Quantum Portal machineguns.

time to bump and i actually have a guide about the devices and would like to add it to this guide but i didn’t do the tutorial for it because it would take longer and i woula ran outta time so is that okay?

I like to BUMP my intelligence up

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I am now editing the newest devices into this.

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Including the Crafting Table?

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The crafting table and recipe are now in this guide.

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Who’s going to add item image?

Someone can. I was going to, but I’m not.
You can, if you’d like.

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Please stop spamming those images or otherwise I’ll flag you.
I’ve seen this about three times already.

:thinking: only my 2nd time

heh u think that worse I seen this… for 12 years

send help

back on topic

I checked devices and the ball and ball capure zone weren’t there! (It was a platformer, though.)

Are we gonna add the new image device?