How to get machine gun mode!

NOTE! I have only tested this on The this guide may not help for other gadgets! Ok ,first you need a Zapper. Second, right click where you want to fire, and if you did it right, the Zapper will be fully automatic. To disable this mode, click anywhere. So basically to turn it on,right click and to turn it off, click anywhere(NOT A RIGHT CLICK) I couldn’t take a screenshot of it in action. Enjoy your modified zapper!

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You might want to credit this guide.

Wait nevermind my brain skipped over some parts be accident.

You might want to put this in bugs, though.

It’s not a bug.

But none of the other devices do it, even the snow launcher which has a higher fire rate than the zapper.

NOTE! IF you want a little extra ammo, upgrade the rarity of the zapper. The magazine ammo will me 20, and damage will increase!

Nice! Yeah, since this has already been made, make sure to credit it!

Yeah I saw this too! Nice guide!

Cool,cool. Did anybody end up using this?

Or did they not try this?

I’ve seen this before while playing.

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I do think this may have been patched now. However, you can just click and hold now instead.

Incorrect, i have tested it. Didn’t get patched out

Huh. You are correct. Funny thing is when I tested it out before, it didn’t work. Must have done something wrong with attempting that glitch.

Yes. I have tested it. Hopefully they keep this

I did something similar to this too! I use it to afk grind in places where sentries can’t shoot me. You can also use this to keep back enemies, and since the zapper has such a short cooldown speed, it is effective.

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