What are some high quality maps you have played?

I am a high school teacher. I am trying to find map recommendations that go well in a high school classroom. Any anyone played high quality creative maps that they can recommend?

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Welcome to the forum! I’m afraid that this forum isn’t exactly for that, but I’d recommend games such as Coral Clicker, Blizzian Bedwars and Divetopia! (Can’t think of any more off of the top of my head). But to find games that use kits look at ones with the education tag!


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May I still recommend a map?

Yes. please! Thank you for doing so.


If you want a good Capture The Flag style map, but better it’s called Capture The Flagoo, but you’ll have to search Flagoo to play.

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What do I do when I capture the flag. I brought it back to the blue side and nothing happened

maybe try bringing it over to the blue flag?

Tried, okay, I think you just can’t go through the teleporters to return the flag. Just going to the other side normally (not through a teleporter works). This seems like it is broken and needs to be fixed.

My favorites are Resurgence and TFG.

Where did you teleport to. If you teleport to a place with dark scrapes you can’t tag nor score there. Also, if it still doesn’t work login again because it’s been updated.
My favorite map is Banana Wars, Capture The Flagoo, and Mario Kart (Gimkit Edition).