Need help for most powerful weapon

I am trying to make an order of weapons but I need help for what to make the most expensive

What weapon in YOUR OPINION is the STRONGEST?
  • Zapper
  • Wand
  • Blaster
  • Slingshot
  • P.M.L
  • Evil Eye
  • Quantem Portal
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No offense meant, but this post isn’t really a help topic for Gimkit Creative and can therefore be considered clutter or spam, leaving you at risk of getting flagged.

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Oh sorry, but I needed help for what order to put it in

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What order to put it in?

WOW! This is a difficult choice. If we’re talking damage, its the Quantum Portal. The Evil Eye does high damage with 4 bullets able to 2 shot a player with 200 health. In my personal opinion however, the most powerful weapon would have to be the blaster.

I have them in this order rn

That is the order most people put them in.

Would this type of conversation work better for the “Devices” category?

A legendary quantum portal probably does the most damage but is very slow.

Ok, well it matters. Against sentries, just put it for damage. But if players are facing each other, here is my list:
7. Quantum Portal
6. Wooden wand
5. Zapper
4. PML
3. Evil Eye
2. Snowball Launcher
I don’t know where Blaster goes, as I have never used it.

I got my order now. Thanks @PotionMaster for telling me it might get flagged

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Umm, you could have posted that on the right post. It just clutters this one.

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