Using speed modifier breaks movement completely

Using any speed multiplier in the speed modifier or the movement meter prevents you from moving at all. I’ve already tried deleting it and respawning it but it does nothing.

That’s because the movement meter is supposed to stop the player. If you don’t have the item that the movement meter takes away then you will get frozen in place. Even if you add speed modifiers that won’t help because the player is frozen. Even if you set the speed in the movement meter you will still be stuck.


The player has to have the item the mm is set to in order to move. It’s like energy in gimkit gamemodes. Also, welcome to the forum @funyman !

That makes more sense, still confused why there’s a speed multiplier setting in the movement meter in the first place if it just freezes you.

Once you get the item then you can move at that speed? I think. Oh yes and welcome to the forums!

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Thank you, that is not explained in the game at all.

You’re welcome! Any other questions? Make sure to mark the post that helped you as the solution!

I think thats it for now, thanks for your time.

If you need more information about more devices (some descriptions are a bit unclear) I recommend checking out these:

Thanks! I definitely will need to check those out.

Welcome to the forum, @funyman!

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