Murder Mystery Map

I am trying to make a murder mystery map. I have been able to make most of the map, but I need help with two things. First of all, I am not sure how to knockout the sheriff if they knockout the wrong person. I also need to know how to end the game if the murderer is the only one remaining or if the murderer is eliminated.

You could do three teams, one is the innocent, two is the sheriff, three is the murderer. And you some among us links from the forum to pick someone randon to be on each team.

Place a lifecycle set to “player knocked out”. Connect it to a wire repeater, and set the wire repeater so only the team that the murderer is on can trigger it. Connect the wire repeater to the end game device. Then place a knockout manager. Connect it to a wire repeater and set it so only the team that the sheriff is on can trigger it. Connect it to a team switcher that switches the player’s team to spectator.

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Make a lifecycle that detects a player KNOCKS out, and a lifecycle that detects when a player is KNOCKED out. The Knocks out one should broadcast to a trigger (.5s delay). In the blocks, it should check if the person is a sheriff. The knocked out one should broadcast to another trigger. This one should set a global true/false property named “Is Innocent Dead” if the person is an innocent, using blocks. In the else case, it should set the property to false.

Now, in the first trigger, inside the true case for the if statement, it should check if “Is Innocent Dead” is true. If it is, it should broadcast on “Good Guys Lose” or something like that. In the other case, it should broadcast on “Good Guys Win” or something like that.

Yes, I have done that already. Thanks though.

Trying to see if this works…

Can you tell me how exactly to do the blocks? I’m new to creative :joy:

use an if block and an equals block
then put what you want to happen if it is checked right inside the if block

Do I use the "If triggering players team # block?

I have a guide on this:

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Thanks, I will look it over


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