Mode Madness 2024

What do you mean?

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what about making the speedrun ones on padlet?
people aren’t going to fill it out with email on


Classic is the only thing I voted for that isn’t going to win :sob:


Ok - I’ll make a Padlet for those. That’ll take me a while, though, FYI. :rofl:

Foxy do you know when your art guide will open back up?

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This topic is really Madness

Like the name says.

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Welcome to the forum, @LeviOsa! You should check out the FRQ.

Being off topic is fun, but let’s try to maintain some relevance to the topic lol
(This was posted like a half hour ago but only went through now)


@Blackhole927 when is the announcement tellllllllllllll me

Hey. That’s not true. The underdogs always have a comeback.

yeah i just got logged out a second ago due to this post. lol

5 pm

It’s actually really soon, hopefully. Like within a range of 2-3 hours.

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no! i might not be on :sob: i have to get ready for my trip to Jamaica

(Assuming josh remembers to do stuff lol)

This is factually incorrect. I said “Within the next 7 hours” not “In 7 hours”.

:crossed_fingers:fingers crossed on that :crossed_fingers:

-_- that is an estimate.

This proves the final two that I had down on my bracket will most likely be true