I want to get money when a sentry on my team kills another sentry

Do you have a shared team cash property, or is it player specific? If its shared, then everyone on a team has the same amount. If its player specific, then players on the same team can have different amounts.

It’s player specific.

But the thing is that I’m going to only allow a specific amount of people to play, so that there is only one person per team.

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Anyways, how can I make it so that I get money when a Sentry teammate knocks another sentry out?

Sentry knocked out—>item granter

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I already tried that…

What if you have multiple teams though?


Relays don’t apply for sentries?
@lion meant that when a sentry that is on your team knocks out another sentry, your team gets cash.
The thing is, anyone can kill that sentry though.
You’d have to use a Relay to activate the sentry, so wiring the sentry to an item granter won’t work by itself.

Idk constant checkers checking for something??? Idk

What would it check for though and how would the item be granted?
If you connect the sentry to a relay and the relay to an item granter then when the opposite team knocks out the sentry the players the team the sentry is on will get the item (not trying to be mean)

lol idc i have no idea im just speculating

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Maybe if you have an item drop, but if another player on a different team picks it up, it immediately gets removed?

I have an half-baked idea that only works with 2 teams: make a lifecycle that deactivates a trigger when listening for a player knocking out. Make another trigger (delay .0015) trigger the first trigger when receiving from a lifecycle tracking player knocked out. You would need recursion to keep activating the trigger and other stuff. This sounds a bit too much like detecting when a channel doesn’t broadcast…

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