How can I make a stoplight?

I’m currently working on a section of my map and I’ve encountered a challenge. I’m unsure of how to create a stoplight. Although I could easily skip it, I would like to include some minor details that I can take pride in. Thanks you for helping
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You can use barriers and change the color for the lights. Then if you want use a repeater and counters with target values to make the lights switch color. Hope this helps and welcome to the Forum!

Welcome to the community! You can use a repeater that changes the light color every 15 seconds. To do this, you can make a property called light color. This should be as global number property. Make a trigger. In the blocks, make an if block. It should check if the property is less than 3. If it is, it should set the property to itself plus one. After that it should broadcast on “Deactivate” (This should deactivate ALL barriers). Then place only a broadcast on channel block. Next, place a convert to text block. Make a text in the first slot. In it should be “Turn on “. Include the space as well. In the second slot, put the get property, and put whatever property you used.

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Hey, just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. Seriously, your help has been a game-changer and I’m so grateful. Thank you!

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You’re welcome! I’ll always help when I can!

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try hiding and showing differently tinted props

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