How to add jumps to my game

i need help trying to add jumps to my game so people can jump

Welcome to the forum! Currently there is no easy way to do this but here are some guides:

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You can’t currently make a DLD-Style-Platformer but Josh said it would be releasing soon so stay on the lookout for that.

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I hate to break it to you, but you can’t jump.yet.Also, dont forget that j0in codes are not allowed and to clip them out of screenshots!Otherwise, welcome @cunningham !

You can’t make a DLD style, but you can try to simulate it. And welcome to the community!

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Welcome @cunningham, you can’t do it as of right now, josh said that MAYBE he will add this to GKC.

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So currently, there isn’t a Platformer Option for GimKit Creative, but you can stimulate jumping.

jumping is not possible but you can use this guide to help. Josh may add jumping soon. How to simulate jumping in GKC | Difficulty: 2/10 🟩
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