How to simulate jumping in GKC | Difficulty: 2/10 🟩

So, I was looking through my Geometry Dash Help post, and I found a post by @EggNoodle . Here’s the post:

And I started working off of that, and I struck GOLD! My shot in the dark was a BULL’S EYE! Here’s how to make a jump button, and it’s fairly easy!
What you’ll need
1 Game Overlay
3 Teleporters
2 Triggers
Step 1: Go into the Game Overlay and make it a button, labeled “Jump”. Make it transmit on “Jump” when pressed.

Step 2: place down 3 teleporters in a triangle.
TP 1:

TP 2:

TP 3:

You don’t need to change anything else, other then maybe making the teleporters invisible.
Step 3: Grab your triggers! Make them all invisible and NOT triggered by collision.
Trigger 1:

Trigger 2:

And that’s it! You’re done!
SPECIAL THANKS to Egg noodles!


Nice guide! You might want to condense it down, it is a large guide.


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(Since jumping is not possible, this project simply simulates jumping)

That is true twofoursixeight, but hey! It’s better than nothing

Yeah, what I was doing was just simulating a 2d jump.
Actually, what I did was more complicated then a just 3 teleporters placed in a triangle shape.

I changed the name to something more professinal.

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It’s like Geometry Dash, so you should include that in the title.

Professional, not “professinal”. It’s also misspelled on your usercard.


Yep, I have not edited that in over a month… thanks for telling me that.


Thats why I said, Jumping simulation.

Also, if you want to make obstacles for GD, here’s a mini-guide!

What you’ll need
1 prop (anythinger)
1 trigger
1 respawn
Place down the trigger, make it invisible, and don’t do anything else with it. Place the prop over the trigger, and turn collision off for the PROP. Lastly, wire the trigger to the respawn: when triggered - respawn player. So, when you walk over the trigger, you respawn!

Nice guide!

THANK YOU for telling him. It was mispelled for so long. I was going to say something, but then Wolf went inactive for a while, and then he got TL4, so that was a whole other can of beans…

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What? Why did you put


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Nice guide! This is actually pretty good! Great work!

When your teacher has Securely and sees you on Gimkit…


I put that there so that whoever created the guide might want to condense it down using the little hidey thing

agh, for me it’s Classroom Orchestrator… they shut my computer computer down once.