Flappy Bird jumping physics

Make a timer maybe?

Just some simple code, something like:


You would need a teleporter coordinate plane…

If it’s flappy bird, you would only need a vertical one.

How would that work? And yes, I use Scratch.

Oh yeah!

Oh, that brings the player up in Scratch, but that wouldn’t work in Gimkit…

Yes, in gimkit you would have to make your own change y by system

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Using teleporters.


My head is just a bunch of how? 's now. For the falling, I’m thinking you would create a buncha channels for each teleporter, and make the trigger trigger every single channel, but that would be tedious.


This will broadcast on the channel number that is the y position the player needs to teleport to.
Then just make the teleporter teleport them when receiving on that channel.


How would it automatically teleport downwards?

Change the property player y to something lower.

In this case, changing player y is the same as the change y by block in scratch.

And just keep teleporting the player to the value of player-y

So we would need to use another trigger and another repeater for the falling/jumping?

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This could all probably be crammed into one trigger.

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One trigger recursing every 0.05 seconds or something:

Set player y by broadcasting on channel
run the rest of the scratch code

Thats definitely under 75 blocks.

Works, not too smooth though.