Flappy Bird jumping physics

OK, so you guys probably know that you can move your character automatically move using many teleporters, right? Well, I know Gims aren’t able to jump, but I was wondering something “cool”. I was thinking, if the player used buttons to move up, it would create the illusion of jumping. But, can you make it so when the Gim jumps (moves up), in a certain amount of time, it will automatically go down again, just like Flappy Bird physics? And yeah, it’s for a cool project that I totally know what I’m doing.

Well, if you want to use a bunch of properties, teleporters, memory, and pain…
Yes but it would be really inefficient.


Forcing the gim to move smoothly would be difficult. If you’re looking for flappy bird physics, use a vertical row of teleporters that each teleport the player when receiving on a channel. Then, use a truck load of block code to teleport the player to the right one at the right time.

I’m bored, I’m gonna try to do this.
Nevermind, my computer can’t show activity log so I can’t debug.


This would be very hard…

I’m thinking about it, and I’m actually thinking it is within the realm of possibility.

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Yeah, I know you can’t make the Gim move smoothly, but how specifically would you make it automatically move down after a certain amount of time?

Make a timer maybe?

Just some simple code, something like:


You would need a teleporter coordinate plane…

If it’s flappy bird, you would only need a vertical one.

How would that work? And yes, I use Scratch.

Oh yeah!

Oh, that brings the player up in Scratch, but that wouldn’t work in Gimkit…

Yes, in gimkit you would have to make your own change y by system

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Using teleporters.


My head is just a bunch of how? 's now. For the falling, I’m thinking you would create a buncha channels for each teleporter, and make the trigger trigger every single channel, but that would be tedious.


This will broadcast on the channel number that is the y position the player needs to teleport to.
Then just make the teleporter teleport them when receiving on that channel.


How would it automatically teleport downwards?

Change the property player y to something lower.

In this case, changing player y is the same as the change y by block in scratch.

And just keep teleporting the player to the value of player-y

So we would need to use another trigger and another repeater for the falling/jumping?

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