How to make a simple fishing system AND Loot Tables [SIMPLIFIED, UPDATED, AND WITH PICTURES] 4/10

That us NOT 1000000. You just need enough to cover the sides of the water
Yes I know you’re exaggerating

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I was exaggerating but ok :+1:


i’m kinda new to all this gimkit creative stuff so where do you put the items/

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@raeB is talking about how to get icons. In this case, the icon would go in a popup icon section in the ‘All Options’ tab.


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I’ve seen some people have the right berry icon, like the one in Fishtopia. How are they doing that? Item granters?


No idea.

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Just as a little tip if its not working for you guys as in (its giving you more than one fish or multiple at a time when you fish) you need to set up another trigger like this
Screenshot 2023-12-19 12.05.35 PM
Now you need to have the wire from the checker go into the added trigger like this

and from the added trigger to the trigger with all the blocks

Make sure the added trigger’s commands are like this

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It does work…

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Yea it was for me until I added the selling system but this fixed it

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(wrong post; don’t reply; pretend this is deleted)

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great guide! but i had to look around a bit before I figured out what triggers the popups

could you add this to the guide? I was confused

@Blizzy ran out of Editing Time, this was 3 months ago (about to be 4 months)

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Uh… I can’t edit this… And that’s pretty simple to do… You just have to know how to make Gimkits…


@Quimblo ets do this

well then i guess i dont

where is that on the popup?

The Icon Image setting.