How to make a simple fishing system AND Loot Tables [SIMPLIFIED, UPDATED, AND WITH PICTURES] 4/10

Hey everyone! I know there’s already a guide about this, but pictures can definitely help! Also, Loot Tables! Hard, right? I’ll be simplifying that too! Still, credit to @Reidaelland and @Cryptoraider_Gemkit For this guide!

The Basic Part

First, make that classic water terrain! What’s fishing without a lake?

Now, enlarge buttons and put them around the lake, like this:


Make a checker, like this, and make it check when receiving on ‘fish’:

Okay, that’s the simple part. What about the fish?

The FISHing

Block time! Make a trigger with these settings:

Sorry, meant to do fishing as the trigger channel.

Done? Good. Open up a blocks tab in the trigger, and make it like this(You don’t have to use my exact fish):

That is literally all the blocks you will need.
What about the popups? Well, here:
Make a few popups, one for each of your fish. One example would be(Also, the popup would transmit on ‘fish’ when the secondary call to action is clicked):

For an Out of Bait! Popup, you could do the same thing, just with bait! It would be something like this:

Getting the FISH

What are we using? Item Granters! Make the number of item granters of the number of fish you have. Example:

Get it? Good.

Loot Tables

@Cryptoraider_Gemkit’s guide is confusing, right? I’ll try to simplify it for you.

The Basic Stuff

First, make that sell table! Something like this:

That’s all for this part.


Make a property for each fish, and update your fishing trigger to this:

Each property should look something like this:

The Selling

Make buttons like this all around the sell station:

Make an item granter like this:

The Numbers you are multiplying by are the cost of each fish.

Getting rid of your fish

This should be easier. Get an item granter for each type of fish. make the blocks in the item granters like this, just switch the type of fish and the variable around.

Bonus: Consuming a Berry

You know how in the actual Fishtopia game mode there are berries you can ‘consume’? Well, I’ll be showing you how to do that here. Like, right here.
First, make your berry. I used a blueberry :blueberries: emoji for my berry :strawberry: in a text. Emojis work just fine. Like this:

Make that button, like this:

Get your trigger, Make a copy, then make that have gimfish option in it. That way you cannot fish when you have the first trigger, but only when you have the second. Make the second trigger deactivated on game start. Wire your button to the first trigger, making it deactivate. Wire the button to the second trigger, activating it. Wire your button to a wire repeater, then wire it back, making the button deactivate.
You’re done now!

Welp, you’re done now! Have fun!
Have fun! Notify me if you have any problems!


Nice guide!

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Unmm… you’re never going to get that purple fish… Every integer is already covered…


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Nice job! You may want to credit the other fishing guides, though. Overall, an amazing job!

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Nice guide @Blizzy!

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Finished! Should I make a bonus to show how to make it so that you can fish when you have something? Like the berry?

  • Yes
  • No
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OK, now I’ve fixed the error. it Works! Have fun!

it won’t give you cash for when you sell the fish

Welcome to the community @Seb!

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The block code detects how many fish you have, then depending on that amount it gives you a feta in amount of cash. If it’s not working for you, you can try out the method in this guide

Also, welcome to the forum!

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Hey, welcome to the forum, @Seb! Check out the beginner-must-read and forum-tips for more easy help! Read the Community Guidelines for a gist of the rules. If you ever run into a hard problem, just ask anyone! After all, this is a community forum!

Maybe check your blocks?

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ok actually finished

Nice job, @Blizzy! A lot of people don’t understand the first one, to this will definitely help!

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It only takes away one fish of each at a time

but otherwise great guide

Pseudo item properties would simplify the selling system a lot!

It only takes 1 away at a time