Recreating Fishtopia Completely [Difficulty: 6/10 🟧]


At the time of writing this, I ran out of map slots and cannot get more until Christmas. So I had to reuse a map that had fishing stuff already in it, which was convenient but you’ll see other things in the picture.

Yes, today I will be recreating ALL of Fishtopia! Also, this is not a showcase as I will be showing you how to do it along the way. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Table of Contents

Beginning Preparation


Beginning Preparation

These are essential to Fishtopia and can’t exist without them.


You need something to get bait! Well, we could just use our handy dandy questioner wired to an item granter (question answered correctly>grant item). The amount of bait doesn’t matter as long as it’s not a negative number or zero (saying zero reminds me of a classmate who accidentally yelled zero when the question was literally 7/4+6/4).


You need to limit the fish because otherwise, your backpack would burst! There is ONE item that does this: the inventory item manager (IIM). You can configure the settings to whatever you want, but keep in mind of the selling part.

Popup Preparation

First of all, all the popups in all 2D modes don’t have that little “x” button. Why? There is a setting in the all options section of the popup that disables closing it and gets rid of the x. Do this to all of your popups and you’re one step closer to recreating Fishtopia.


No, we’re not framing someone for a crime. By this, I mean we’re going to make the design of the map. I can’t do this because I’m lazy and out of map slots, so here’s Jobozo1875’s example:

Note: You need to put barriers around the boardwalk and stuff.


Arguably the most important part of Fishtopia.


Before we start, we need a fishing lake. You just need some water (color doesn’t matter). I prefer walls so you don’t walk on the water. Here’s mine:

Making the Lake Functional

Note: The amount of buttons you need depends on your lake size.

Now we need some big buttons (that sounded wrong). Expand the range of the button. To keep the fishing illusion alive, make the button(s) invisible in-game. Here’s mine:
Now wire the button(s) to a checker. Make it check for greater than one bait. Then wire the checker to a popup if the check fails. Make the popup we just made to tell the user that you forgot the bait (how could you). Now wire the same checker to another popup for waiting for the fish to bite on and an item granter that takes away ONE bait (insert -1).

Now you have two options:
a. Make the call to action open the next popup and close the previous one.
b. Automatically close the current popup and open the next popup.

If you said option A...

First of all, you need to make the popup unclosable. You can find that near/at the bottom of the all options section. Next, make the popup’s call to action. Now you have two more choices:

a. Close the popup inside of the settings
b. Use a wire repeater to close it

If you said option A, then that is more memory-efficient. You need to insert a channel in the call to action section, and insert the same channel in the closing popup section.

If you said option B...

Save yourself 25 memory! Go to the call to actions, set the channel they transmit on to something, and make the popup close on the same channel the CTA transmits on.

If you don’t want to save memory, just wire the popup to a wire repeater and back to close it.

Note: As stated in the first section (not the disclaimer or introduction), you have to make the popup uncloseable. If you don’t do this, you’re going to waste time and memory.

The similar thing between the two? They both lead to the next section.

The Fishing Mechanism

There is already a great guide on this:

Here’s my example:
Note that I made it from least possible to most possible (rarest to most common). I was told that if I had the block code the other way, it wouldn’t work.

Granting the Fish

If you followed the guide or used my template, you should have a couple of channels that grant fish. Now make item granters that correspond to each channel. They should grant one fish unless you have a multi-fish system which I don’t think anyone has tried yet.


This part is also essential to Fishtopia.

Cursorian Sell Station

I’ve already made a sell station here:

It’s the last section (besides the conclusion and conclusion disclaimer). However, this is more:

  • memory-consuming
  • time-consuming
  • painful
  • inefficient (in my terms, but I love the checker device so I get a free excuse :p)

TL;DR: It should look like this but with fish and not corn:
Now here’s the inefficient and painful part: you have to do this for every fish type.

Blizzy’s Sell Station

As requested, you can use this guide:


These aren’t too important to Fishtopia, but you might want these in your game as motivation.

Bigger Backpacks

That sounds wrong. Anyways, for the bigger backpack upgrades, you need to have a button or vending machine, as seen here:
Screenshot 2023-12-17 11.23.25


Bolt is a power-up that doubles your speed. How do you make it? There isn’t an item for it, but there is a device: the speed modifier. Just set the speed to 2.0, wire a vending machine to it, and you’re done! That’s the easiest upgrade here by far.


Yes, I know this has been recreated before, but apparently it’s more like a one-time use thing.* So how do you make a non-scam?

Make another button system without the waiting popups.

Yes. It’s that simple. Of course you could use different things, but this is my take on it.



I’m not the guy to talk to about multipliers. Because of that, here’s a guide on that:

Boat Tickets

These are for the tickets that allow you to unlock new zones.


First of all, we need the boats. Well, we already have a boat prop. Anyways, we need the triggering thing. In Fishtopia, it’s a button. So, we wire the button to a checker that checks for the amount of cash to purchase the (pseudo) ticket (button pressed>run check). Then wire the checker to a deactivated button next to the boat (check passes>activate button). Repeat this for however many areas you have.

Making the Area

First of all, follow the first section (besides the introduction) in this guide:

And for the painful part, you have to recreate the fishing system in that area but with different fish!


Quite easy. Make a sign that says “Back to Fishtopia” (you have to layer things) and make a button wired to a teleporter (the teleporter should be in the main Fishtopia area).

Lucky Lake

Why does the Lucky Lake have a separate section from the others? It’s because the Lucky Lake ticket is a one-time ticket, so you have to buy it every time you go there.

Instead of deactivating a teleporter (which doesn’t exist), deactivate the transport button.

Note: I tried to do a numeric/average poll, which would’ve been better, but I couldn’t figure out how to make one (I didn’t understand how to add options).

Exit Poll: Overall Difficulty?
  • 1/10
  • 2/10
  • 3/10
  • 4/10
  • 5/10
  • 6/10
  • 7/10
  • 8/10
  • 9/10
  • 10/10
  • 11/10
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You need to change the text in the logic things to numbers.

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what logic things again?

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If fishing < x.

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oh ok but i gtg right now lemme just make the table of contents…*
*never mind


?? I’m not sure I understand.

you don’t use the text block like i did, you use the number block

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Do you see the text boxes that have numbers in them? You have to use number blocks instead, which are in the math category.

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Alright, I thought they were the same block but I guess not.

Yeah I recreated the entire set but it was hard!


oh god

also could you send me the memory usage for this guide? just wondering


Wow is this going to be a good guide! Any editors, maybe look at fishtopia for some help, or to just add links to useful guides.


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I saw what you did with the table, and I just want to say that you could do this to save memory if you want.

How do you make text bigger?

this for big text:

# Big Text (that sounds wrong)

result (without preformatted text):

Big Text (that sounds wrong)

smol text:

smol text

result (ofc w/out preform. txt):

smol text

warning: always out a line between “smol text” and what you’re saying

also a good thing to learn: strikethroughs

<del>procrastination is the best</del>

procrastination is the best

###### - Text Size 6
##### - Text Size 5

#### - Text Size 4

### - Text Size 3

## - Text Size 2

# - Text Size 1

Or <big> and end with </big> or <small> and end with </small>
(Add or remove <big>s and <small>s to make the text bigger or smaller

Now let’s get back on-topic.


Oh Yeah Thanks! I forgot about that!

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ok quick question: has anyone made a one-time ticket like the lucky lake? idk how to make it

(idk how because most of my guides are inspired by official gamemodes or other people’s guides or an absurd amount of wires/checkers)

it’s been 3 hours sooo i’m just gonna have to guess how to make it

Would it be more or less memory to put zones connected to 1 button around the lake instead of all the buttons?