The Captain-Gim'erican way to making a racing game: Age of Grinding

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If you got the reference if the title then you’re Marvelous.

If any of you didn’t know I acttually made 2 racing games. That’s crazy right? “no.”
Anyways this type of racing game is based off Duck-Life. If you don’t know what that is it’s a game where you grind your stats to win races. (Yes I have WON).

I’m making this guide because I didn’t have infinit editing time back then, but it’s still my most liked and bumped guide. (Let’s try to beat both, huh?). This guide will explain how to make a game that makes the player have to grind to win! I’ll make this guide as similar to the last guide as possible as well. So let’s start of with,

What makes my game unique:

  • It’s made for grinding instead of free karts.
  • There’s a shop for stuff that’s not even for speed, but endurance as well.
  • The game uses 99% memory. (I definitly could’ve done less wires, but I made this in January-Febuary time. Back then I used a lot of them)


Before game, pre-game, not End-Game

What’s a good game without a lobby? I don’t know, but anyways they’re what make a game a game in a way. They should take up little memory, but be important. Tell others about your other games and make it cool to be in. So here’s mine:
Screenshot 2024-04-08 8.09.45 AM

Selection and shop:


This wil; be the area a player always comes back to during the game to choose his or her race, practice, credits, shop, and help.

I’m not going to go through all the teleporting details because that’s simple, but I will energy, water, and health.
Every time a player gets teleported here overflow there inventory with the water and energy (Will be explained later). Then grant them 10 health.
For now we’ll ignore all the wires because that’s just crazy.


Now this one is annoying because you have to copy and paste some of the stuff a lot. Thanks to @eiqcrmeliutgwhc for helping with this part.
Obviously the shop button from before teleports you here where you can buy endurance for swiming and running, destroying devices, damage, and speed.
We’ll start with running:

  • 1 Vending machine
  • 1 Speed modifier (I’ll show you, but you can do way more)
  • 1 Counter (same here)

Vending machine:

Screenshot 2024-04-08 8.27.31 AM
Screenshot 2024-04-08 8.27.17 AM
Speed Modifier:
Screenshot 2024-04-08 8.28.28 AM

If you want to add more (Which you need to), just change the when target rached and set player to configured speed when recieving on to something else.
For every lap you complete this allows you to spend one light shard to go faster in a race and everywhere else.

Next we’ll work on Speed endurance, and Swim endurance though (The code and amount of supplies is for one Speed Endurance):

  • 1 Vending machine
  • 1 Counter
  • 1 Inventory Item Manager
  • 1 Item Granter

Vending machine:

Item Granter:


Iventory Item Manager:
Screenshot 2024-04-08 8.38.24 AM

To make this for swim just change the channels to something that does with water and make the item granter grant water.

To make more of these just increase the numbers by 1 for the channels.

Finally we’ll (I hope we) do the damage upgrade:

  • same as speed, but instead of speed modifier do damage modifier.

Code: change the channels.

How to make Sentry fights:

Simple Explanation

What this simply explains is that sentries are knocked out which grants cash and will teleport the player around to other areas. Here’s minie:

I acttualy won’t go too deep into this subject, but if you want to know more tell me.

What happens is that you go teleport to one of the random rooms, and then you fight the sentries to gain research (Or whatever you want for the currency). All those real long looking wires just connect to the spawn and reset the counters. You can customize the battles to whatever you want.

How to make Running Training:

Simple Explanation

I’ll keep this simple. Once you press the run training button you’ll randomly be teleported to an area of which you run, and earn light shards to spend. If you want a deeper explanation, I’ll do it.
One example:

How to make Endurance Training:

Simple Explanation

I was going to keep this part simple, but it’s already so simple. You’re randomly teleported to an area of which you complete some mini-game where you earn heavy shards. I did fishing, farming, and capture the flaging, but you can do something with a Blastball, too. I’ll show you pictures:

You can use a guide like this for farming: Recreating Fishtopia Completely [Difficulty: 6/10 🟧]

You can use this guide (I was going to do my own, but it’s not really about mechanics): How to make a Capture the Flag game [ 🟧 ]

How to make swim Endurance Training:

Simple Explanation

This part is sorta easy to understand, sorta not. You have a few swim themed mini-games that give you medium shards. I’ll show you my pictures:

(Somehow managed to make the pictures almost perfect)

The top 2 are battles, and the top one is speciffacily an animated battle, while the bottem is a run. This is all you really need to do for them.

Race Tracks:

Race 1

Race 1:

What there is in the pictures:

  • A 5 second countdown: How to make a Working COUNTDOWN Clock WITHOUT 1000 Triggers
  • Energy and water granters that grant until the inventory is full of them.
  • A Movement Meter that activates when you go there.
  • Walls that you eliminate to continue going.
  • Once you finish the first race the second unlocks.
  • Whenever the player goes into the grass, the movement meter for running activates.
Race 2

Race 2
Pictures of mine (Almost perfect):

Eveything that was happening in the last one happens here, but also activates the 3rd race. This also increase the movement meter energy and water.

Race 3

Race 3:

Everything that happens in the first and second race, but you get to repeat everything without limits. This also increases the movement meter energy and water.


There’s a lot of details I left out of the guide, and if anyone wants them ask away. I figured that my gudies weren’t often made, so I didn’t do much detail but intead worked more on inspiration and ideas.
(Also, if anyone can tell me why after trying at least 5 times my map won’t publish please tell me. I did the name-description thing as well.)


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“Duck Life” is pretty much giving me childhood trauma and making me remember all of elementary school. Anyways, the endurance mechanic sounds tough to make, and the selection seems like it’s filled with more stuff than I thought there would be. Cool guide, and also, swimming seems like channels could fix a lot.


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This is really good I like how unique your racing guides are,


Great guide!
It is like you said more inspiration then step by step.

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I used to play Duck Life 5 on abcya all the time but when abcya got rid of it it mad me so sad because that was the only game on it I liked

I totally can relate. (I am not being sarcastic)