How to make a Working COUNTDOWN Clock WITHOUT 1000 Triggers

Hi! You’ve seen those countdown clocks that show on your screen, right? Usually, those are made with TONS and TONS of Triggers. It’s a mess(No offense), and easily bugged. Well, let me show you an easier way to do that!

Credit to @JoeTheChicken

Materials Needed:
Notification 2x
Property 1x
Button 1x
Repeater 1x
Counter 1x
Yes. That’s all. No triggers even involved!

Make the button like this:
Button Message: Start Countdown Timer

Make the First Notification like this(The second is optional at the end):
Send Notification when receiving on: Notify
When receiving on channel “nolt”:
Set Notification Title: Get Property “Countdown”
Set Notification Content:
Broadcast message on channel: Notify

Starting Value: 30(Or whatever time you start with; I’ll just use 30)
Update Property: Yes
Property to Update: Countdown
Use Target Value: Yes
Target Value: 0

Property Name: Countdown
Property Type: Number
Default Value: 30
When Property Changes, transmit on: nolt

Task Interval: 1
Stop Strategy: After Receiving on Channel(Leave the box below blank)

Second Notification(Optional):
Notification Title: GO!!!
Send Notification when receiving on: GO
When Receiving on Channel: nolt
If: Get Property: Countdown = 0
Do: Broadcast message on channel: GO

Wiring time!
Button to Counter: Button Pressed → Reset Counter
Button to Repeater: Button Pressed → Start Repeater
Repeater to Counter: Repeater Runs Task → Decrement Counter
Counter to Repeater: Target Value Reached → Stop Repeater

You’re Done now!

P.S. There is a bug when you start the Countdown; It repeats the FIRST NUMBER twice! If anyone could help me fix it, that would be great! Right now, I hope this helps!

P.S.S. I MIGHT put pictures in here eventually. Please stop marking this as a wip


Great job, might wanna credit this guide tho

And remember pictures are powerful


Nice guide!

Also, @Blizzy, should I tag this as a wip as there is still a bug and you will add pictures eventually?

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Great Guide Blizzy! But can’t you do this in the game settings? I believe you can.

Nice guide!

This is like the start of a game. Like a race or something.

This is like for minigames.

Oh, so short time limits, ok.


Nice! This is really cool!

Is there a way to do this as a on screen countdown? I would like one for the start of my game, maybe as a pop-up or something?

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This is onscreen.

@Blizzy I don’t follow, you use a counter, I want it to be a global event, please

You could store the property in a game overlay (I think)

Make the Notification send to Everyone

Thanks this will help the lag reduce a lot!

bump (looks like triggers didn’t top this time)