I'm making a cops and robbers map

I’m making a cops and robbers map, and when a cop tags a robber, he goes to jail, but when his teammates open the jail cell, which would be when a trigger gets triggered, the jailed robber is free. How do I make the robber out of jail when the trigger gets triggered?

(Lifecycle) Event Occurs > (Relay) Relay Trigger

(Relay) Relay Trigger > (Trigger) Activate Trigger

Triggered > Hide Prop (the prison cell)

Extra Notes if you are struggling

Lifecycle: Game Start

Relay: Specific Team, Team 2

Trigger, max amount of triggers 1

Chosen Prop, scope = team


ill help with it joe

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But how about the trigger when it gets triggered?

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Is that trigger the robbers can trigger to save their teammates? Or is it a new trigger?

It’s an old trigger to break people out of prison

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