How do you make it where a laser only kills one team?

Maybe a lifecycle to deactivate, just to be sure?

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I have them deactivate on game start and they work

I am trying to do the same thing for a game I’m working on can you provide screenshots of what you did for it to work?

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First of all, you need to make the laser inactive on game start. There is a setting for that when you first open its editing menu.

Then, if you click on the all options tab then scroll down there should be a setting called “scope.” A more detailed guide on it is linked below, but it basically sets who is affected when someone deactivates/activates it. Set it to Team.

Now, you need to make a system that activates the laser on behalf of one team when the game starts. Do you know how to do that?

If you're stuck...

Try messing with a relay first.

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To answer your question, try looking in the devices menu.
What’s a device that can trigger actions to certain teams of people?

Hint: It’s pink and starts with R and ends with Y.

Ok thanks for helping ill play around with a relay.

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Did it work?

Another hint:
What are the wire settings for the relay and laser when you wire them together.
Try messing with different wire settings to see if it’ll work

ok ill try that too.

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How do I activate the laser I can’t figure out how to make it activate.

There’s a wire setting to activate/deactivate it.

Oh no! With all the people getting on lately, honesty we all need a break…
But i think this was….WAIT a second this was 3 months ago what the heck! Anyways…. I think there was a solution?

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Try connecting the relay to the laser

I connected the laser to the relay

The relay has to be connected to a laser, not the other way around.
Can you show us a screenshot of your wiring?
Tip: To view a wire setting, click on the wire.
It’ll show you the wire setting option/s you picked.

You have to do the opposite, relay to laser since you need a device to trigger the laser.