Survival Island!

Ok I am making a survival island game and I need some ideas for desinging the areas but heres the story. You and your friends (or just you if your playing solo) found a weird uncharted island you step on and are abducted by alien plants! these plants are the same ones from one way out but this time they are devided into difrent types: Delicate Plants, House Plants, Outdoor Plants, Gaurds, and the Succulents. I’ll post some pictures but if you have Ideas post them here please :slight_smile: Lobby

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congrats on your 1st post!
Hmm, there are 5 different plants you listed, but only 3 skins. I would suggest putting a prop next to each type so the player can identify them more easily

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Anyway, perhaps make the island like a giant house with monstrous plants. Or, you can give it a testing lab kind of look and have the plants be the outcome of an experiment gone wrong.

There will be diffrent areas also it will have a tag

Bombs, poison, lasers, etc.
Check the for more ideas

I’m not great at designing, so are there any mechanics you are wondering about?

(to answer the question on your profile,)

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Welcome to the forum @ChompytheDragon! And i have few suggestions, more like ideas that i made that you can use. Here are some.


Dock and Pond
Screenshot 2023-09-20 6.02.17 PM
Palm Tree
Screenshot 2023-09-08 8.37.34 PM
Let me know what you think, or if you want me to make something for you.

ok I can show you the game joiny thing (what are they called lol) to show you what I have and also HOW DID YOU MAKE THAT THAT IS SO COOL

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You can’t post codes here, unfortunately. Here’s a guide for the palm tree:


I have spent lots of time on gimkit and i am one of the top designers on the forum, i can tell you how to make them, but I can not j0in your game, its against the guide lines to post a code.

where can I? <><><><

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Yeah i need to make guide for the others.

you can on the wix

You can also post it on the official gimkit discord.

Uhmm Ive seen some not very… humane stuff on both

FYI you have to put words inside <> for it to work

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Unfortunately there’s not much you can do to share it then. After a day though, you’ll be able to post pictures.

Yeah, and i will make guides for those shortly, but please mark a solution to avoid clutter. Usless you have anymore questions.

Uhm I can still post pictures and if people have more tips I want to keep it open (Check out the lobby at the top0

the post will stay open for 3 hours after the last repley after you mark a solution.