What should I add

I have a map for a 2 team battle royal map, but I can’t think of anything to add. (you can use my ideas, I won’t mind) I already have sentries around the map that drop upgraded weapons, cash questioners to by ammo (snowballs), Med Pack and Shield item venders, and a secret passageway to have even better weapons.

Here, this might help for the basics and biomes.

Maybe a Bedwars game?

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I looked through it and I didn’t see anything really that would interest me. I can give you a publish link if you would like to see it for yourself.

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Here are some of my personal suggestions

  • Easter eggs
  • Lore
  • Trolls
  • Traps (settable by players)
  • Team funding for something
  • Powerups (health regeneration, speed, damage, etc.)
  • A signable board!

Codes are not allowed on this forum, sorry.


You can post publish links and codes on wix



oh, okay this is my first map (EVER), so this is just a learning game for me right now.

I am on a school account (I don’t have any other accounts or computers that I can use right now) and it blocks that website, but I could put screenshots of actual game play if it is allowed .

Yep, it’s allowed, just make sure you blur or scribble out the code!

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I think my school puts up a firewall that blocks the wixsite. I can show you a screen shot of the blocked screen if you’d like.

Thats not neccary. Some people here also have the same problem
Now lets get back on topic

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Yeah, that’s not necessary and it could be flagged (removed/hidden) as off-topic.
Also, it might share your school location like what happened to a specific person so I’d suggest not showing that.

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Okay, but I’ll show you casual game play.

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You spawn in and meet your opponents.


Also, you can’t send videos on the forum because discourse (the platform this forum was made) doesn’t support them.
You can use a video to gif converter
but you can only upload up to 4KB.
You can use youtube videos though.


I accidentally added my tabs I’ll re-post it in one sec

Get cash from the questioner or the button on the screen (the button on the screen gives you half as much cash though)

Then go get Med Packs or Shield cans (on the other side of the map) with your cash

You might want to edit the codes out of the photos to not get flagged.

Considering they are 16 hours old, I’d be surprised if they still worked, so there’s not much to worry about.