(📰 Resources) Resources for Bedwars

So over the time I’ve noticed many people wanting to make Bedwars, and they always seem to ask on how to make it, and then a helper send a bunch of links… This does work, but can be tiring for the helper. Hence, I have decided to make this guide to all guides about Bedwars!

And there you have it! If I left something out make sure to let me know or just add it!

Credits: Me, Gimkit team, @LxmasHaxTakis @getrithekd @Blizzy @mysz @Im_Pretty_Cool @Anythinger, and @LandynSPEEDO802



You should name it “(:newspaper: Resources) Resources for Bedwars”


I got it.

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How do I make the emoji??

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Oh ok thanks!

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No problem, I’m happy to help!

(maybe I should make a bedwars guide…)


Should we make a bedwars tag?

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Yeah, there has been a lot of talk in the bedwars area.

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They just need to add a bedwars gamemode at this point

@VALUEX please make this a wiki post.



BUMP! (1 gone 2 gone 3 gone, how many more will leave, oh and o7 for LxmasHasTakis)

Bump It’s so amazing I just have to!