How to 'build' a path that you have 'place down' - Difficulty 🟧

I just made this guide because I kind of wanted to make a kind of maze you have to ‘buy’. This guide could be used to make bedwars kind of game, since you will have to ‘make’ your way to the fighting. Of course, if you do that, there won’t be any ‘I want to go this certain direction’, since the paths will be made before hand. Welp, Let’s get back to the guide(This guide will be VERY short, but I hope it is easy to follow!)!

Step One

Make that path of yours, of course! I will be building along with you, but I will be doing a MUCH simpler version. It will be VERY, VERY tiny. I will be using Blue Plastic as my path, and Metallic(Dark) as my Wall.


I recommend making your path two blocks wide, since that looks the most ‘normal’.

Step Two

Simple, right? Well, now we have to make the actual ‘buying’. You can make the ‘block’ as big as you want. That block is the barrier DEVICE. Change the color of Barrier to whatever matches the your backround(in my case, gray). Set the transparency level to 1, and make it have no border.

Now, put down your vending machine. Make it not visible in game, and size it so that you can click it. Also, make it require any item of your choosing(in my case, silver seeds):

To get your item, you can use this guide:

Or you can just put an Questioner and Item Granter down.

Now, wire the vending machine to the barrier, and set it to ‘When Item Purchased → Deactivate barrier’.

And you’re down! I hope this helps anyone who is making Bedwars!


Great guide, very simple and effective!


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Great guide @Blizzy! Your guides are proving to be stellar!



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That is something @NavyCatZ did when the forums were dead, during the dark ages. She doesn’t do that anymore.


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Nice guide!

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Nice guide, @Blizzy!

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Such a good guide, @Blizzy! I know this was a long time ago, and I’m glad to see that even a while ago you’ve been putting great work out and you’re still doing it.

Really went back in time for this one

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