First ever COMPLETE GUIDE TO MAKING BEDWARS! (Difficulty: 5/10 🟨)

Hello, Gimkitters! In my poll on whether I should make this, it was UNANIMOUS. You wanted a showcase of my Bedwars map, guide to and I will give you it! I will slowly put in more and more steps throughout the day. This is a long guide, so get your map ready!

Team Fire’s Base

You can see here that there is quite a bit going on! I’ll give you the lowdown.
Bed System
The Bed system is kinda simple, believe it or not! All you have to do is have an item at the beginning of the game, in my case I used a blueberry. (I used a blueberry because my baby sister loves eating blueberries by the handful) Then, have an item granter with -1 blueberry. Wire the bed to a relay. Prop Destroyed- Trigger Relay. Then, have the relay set to a specific team, the team with that bed color. Then, wire the relay to the item granter. Relay trigger-Grant Item. Then, (I promise this is the last step! for this topic :smiling_imp:) have a lifecycle check for player knockouts. Next, have a checker check for if we still have this blueberry. Wire the lifecycle to the checker. Event Occours - Run Check. LASTLY, have a team switcher, which switches you to a spectator. Wire the checker to the team switcher. Check fails - Switch player to configured team. You have to copy and paste that all again for the other team, though. And, you are finally done with the Bed system! Here is the entire thing!

Item Spawners
Super easy and self-explanatory! Just put a crap ton of item spawners around with seeds! I make it to where there is a 5 or 10 second delay until another one is spawned. EZ

How to “Place Blocks” Down
A shoutout to @Blizzy for making this post! You can basically just do what @Blizzy did. How to 'build' a path that you have 'place down' - Difficulty 🟧
Here is a screenshot of what mine looked like!

Team Water’s Base

I basically just copied and pasted everything for Team Water’s Base.

Middle Island

We’ve made it! The last part! We are so close! In fact, all you do for the middle island is put down a few item spawners (See “Item Spawners” section on Team Fire’s Base for instructions) on a big rectangular plot of land (I used dirt) and you’re done with the middle island! In fact, we’re completely done with the Bedwars map!

I hope you will be able to make Bedwars yourself and have a lot of fun doing it, and happy Gimkiting!![poll type=regular results=always chartType=bar]

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If Yes reaches 6 votes, I will post the gamcode


yea but do it on the thing idk what it is called

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is you need help adding more i can help i am a master of gimkit creative execpt for blocks


Oh okay. Thanks! I’ll let you know if I need help


just so you know it just reached six votes

Oh. Sorry, I just got told that the codes aren’t allowed…I’m reeeeeealy sorry. I wish I could, but I don’t want to get banned… :pensive: :pensive: :pensive: :pensive: :pensive: :pensive:

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Sick guide!

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We finally reached six votes! Host it!

No codes are allowed here :frowning:

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you can’t publish it, then post that link?

You can’t. But you can post codes here and here.

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Nahhhhhh, bro beat me to the first bedwars guide! Very cool guide btw. (gonna go scrap my drafts)

You should connect the buttons in the bridge to a vending machine
Button Pressed > Attempt to purchase
so players need to earn a specific item to progress through.

Community central is about to shut down since it’s not going to be paid for and the free trial has ended, so I don’t recommend posting that for users.

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