First ever COMPLETE GUIDE TO MAKING BEDWARS! (Difficulty: 5/10 🟨)

I put it back in until someone admins back 4shapes (i can’t ;-; ) because he needs to download the backup, and admins can only do it.

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Wow, cool guide!

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But they just want a brief game like they said in the guide.

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Haha, sorry! Still post your guide, @TaigaBiome (you never know! Yours could be better) but make sure to make sure to make it your version, please!


Bumpin this guide up

Crazy Guide. Thanks a lot!

how do I start with a item?

Use a starting invetory, welcome to the forums!

thanks for the help I appreciate it

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Here’s a design I’ve had for a while, but haven’t done anything with.
It’s closer to what the spawners actually act like in Bedwars. It’s a bit more complicated, and it uses a property.
Make sure the wire on the item granter is set to “run wire pulse block”, and the wire pulse block simply adds a custom amount of the property.

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