Making someone die when something is destroyed

bed wars by the Red baron

Wire a prop to a KO manager, Prop destroyed - activate ko manager. (The ko manager should be wired to a team switcher that is set to specific team, spectators)

Prop destroyed -------> random relay -----------> respawn player.
This makes it so a random player gets respawned.

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but how to make it where when the bed is destroyed the players can be killed and not respawn

If a player is killed, check if they have a item. If they do, nothing happens, if they don’t, switch them to spectator mode. Make them start with the item. When their bed is destroyed, remove the item from them, you can also use these guides:
The Ultimate Guide to Gimkit Bedwars
The Blizzian Bedwars Guide
(:newspaper: Resources) Resources for Bedwars

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can you show me how to do that

Look at the guides. (Tell me if they don’t have that)

Edit: the Blizzian Bedwars guide has it.