The Ultimate Guide to Gimkit Bedwars

We’re gonna move away from technical guides for now (I’m tired of testing recursion lol) so here’s some bedwars!

Yes, this has been done.
No, I’m not going to credit the other guides. You should go check them out, but these ideas are all mine, and I looked at the other guides to make sure they aren’t just repeats.


So, this is gonna start with the most essential bedwars things: a bed and an item generator. I’m gonna describe a few different ways to do them both.
This guide will not say the exact devices you need to use. That’s for you to figure out. It will tell you the basic idea though.
After we get through the bed and the gens, I’ll go to bridging, melee combat, etc. Once again, there are a bunch of ways to do this, so it’ll have a bunch of methods.

First, we need to focus on the things that make bedwars bedwars. Without these, it wouldn’t be bedwars at all.

The Essentials

So, first, let’s talk about the titular character of the game. The bed!


You can do this a few different ways. Let’s think about the actual game.

You have a bed. You can cover the bed in blocks to make it stronger. Those blocks cost more as they get more expensive. The blocks can be changed in type to be stronger and require better tools. How much of this can we simulate in Gimkit?
Well, for the actual bed we can just have a literal bed. You can change this to any amount of health you want, but since in the real game it’s just one hit, I’d recommend giving it 1 health.

Wow! That was easy. But how do we protect it? Well, we can do a few things.
For one, we can use stacking health, a system where there are a bunch of props with 1 health. The nice thing is that we can measure hits instead of damage with this. Unfortunately, we need to balance player vs player combat too.
The second method is using a buncha barriers around the bed.

These can be modified to have any amount of health, you can stack em, all that works.
The nice thing about stacking health is that you can measure it pretty easily, and thus tell a player how broken their bed is.

Ok, you’ve got a couple options for the bed. Let’s move on to the other essentials, namely the generator and the shop.


This is probably the simplest thing to do. What you want is effectively the same as a tycoon game (shameless self-advertisement here I come). The idea is this:
if player in generator:
___grant x item y times
___wait z seconds
where x is whatever the generator grants, whether it be diamonds, emeralds, gold, iron, heavy shards, light shards, dead babies, helicopters, monies, or samurais. y is however much the generator gives out, and z is the delay. All of these can be controlled with properties and no more than one block.

How do you do the movement sensing? Well, you can do player-scoped triggers, a zone, lasers, all that. Lasers are probably the cheapest, memory-wise.

If you want the generator to act like it does in a real bedwars game where it has a big collection of old resources, you could just have a property that tracks how much is IN the generator, and then when you step in the generator, it just constantly gives you however much is in that property and clears it.

Alright, now that we’ve got a simple generator, let’s do a shop!


This can be done in a number of ways, much like all the other essentials. You can do a popup shop, a vending machine shop, a button shop, whatever else. There’s a lot of things.
The basic psuedo-code looks like this:
if player money > cost:
___player money - cost
___grant item

You can sell whatever you want here, whether it be weapons, blocks, defenses, gen upgrades, etc.

There we go, you’ve completed the basics of a game of bedwars. Let’s get into the extra bits now!

The Extra Bits

In a real game of bedwars, there’s a lot more aspects to it than just the bed and generator. Specifically, there’s building through the void, team versions, dying permanently once the bed is broken, etc.

The Void

This is pretty tricky to code in, and if done well takes insane amounts of memory. What you CAN do is have a big array of buttons that fill up with blocks when you press them. That’s impractical and absurd, especially given buttons’ exorbitant memory cost.
Another thing you can do is just… not have the void. Or have only certain paths you can build on. Lots of ways to do this that don’t require buttons galore.

The gist of it – for any void variant – is you have a property that measures blocks, and then if the player presses a button a block appears somewhere. Voila. That’s it.

Ok, there’s the void. What about teams?

Team Games

You’d need to do a few modifications, but not much. Mostly the generator would have to be updated. You’d have to make sure that the generator would work for everyone at once. That’s pretty much it.

Ok, what about respawning?

Bed vs Bedless Respawn

This is probably the trickiest part of making bedwars, but that’s not saying much. All you need is a KO manager that says “if this player is knocked out and their bed is broken, we should make them a spectator.” It’s one whole if statement, and you might be able to just use counters to avoid blocks.

I can’t think of anything else, so here’s the end of the guide. I hope you enjoyed! If you have any suggestions, lemme know and I’ll add it.

Have a good one!


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