How to make a full Battle-Royale game

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This post is targeted to New Users as Battle Royale Games would be the best for them.
So let’s just get started!

BEFORE YOU START: Make sure you have done the Gimkit Creative Starter Tutorial.

Note: This guide uses wires, channels, scope, and blocks.

How do wires work?

How do wires work?

Wires are a way for devices to communicate with each other and send signals.

For example, we want so that when a player presses a button, they get granted an item.

Let’s wire them!

Button Pressed > Grant Item

Hey, it works!

Tip :star2:: Press the “ Z “ button on your keyboard to automatically select a wire!

Section 1: The Map

Start by making a lobby, a small location where players can hang out and wait for the host to start.

Here are some tips on designing:

Section 1.1: Biomes and Biome Gimmicks

In battle-royale games, there are different locations or biomes that have certain twists.

Here are some twist ideas for different places:

  • Speed Boost in Ice ponds (use this guide)

  • Speed Decrease and Landmines in Radioactive Areas

  • Urban Biome

  • Rural Biome

  • Medieval Biome

  • Far-Future Biome

Section 2: 1 Life System

First, click the :heavy_plus_sign: button in the top left.
Search for the “Lifecycle” in the Devices category.
Change the event to “Player Knocked Out”

:1234: :arrows_counterclockwise: Now, place a Team Switcher.
Make the Team Switched to “Spectators.”

:zap: Connect a wire from the Lifecycle to a Team Switcher.

Here is what the wire should look like:

(Lifecycle) Player Knocked Out > (Team Switcher) Switch Player to Configured Team

If you want players to have multiple lives before getting switched to spectator, use this guide:

Tip :star2:: Press the “ Z “ button on your keyboard to automatically select a wire!

Section 3: Loot Crates

In battle-royale games, there are loot boxes/loot crates around the map where you can get,
that’s right, Loot!

Place a Button.
Create a channel in the button in the “When Button Pressed, Transmit on” part.

Make sure the activation/deactivation scope is global.

Place a trigger.
Insert the channel you put in the button and put it in the channel of the trigger “
Trigger When Receiving on.”

Now, create a block in the trigger!
It should look like this:

if [Variable] = # 
do Broadcast Message On Channel “grant[weaponname]”

else if [Variable] = #
        do Broadcast Message On Channel “grant[weaponname2]

PS: This can be infinitely expanded
** PSS: If you hit the blockcode limit, at the last block you can do, for example:

if [variable] = #
do Broadcast Message On Channel “trigger_to_complete_blockcode”

Then just continue your blockcode in the new trigger and so on and so forth

Section 4: Safe Zones

By @JoeTheChicken:

How to make safe zones only affect certain teams

First, place a Lifecycle, Relay and a Zone.

Connect your Lifecycle (game start) to a Relay (specific team, it’s your choice what team)

(Lifecycle) Event Occurs > (Relay) Trigger Relay

Now connect the relay to a zone.

(Relay) Trigger Relay > (Zone) Activate Zone

PS: Make sure the zone scope is team
You’re done!


Bushes that make you invisible inside it

Grab your “bush” prop.

Now place a zone and size it to cover the bush.

Tip :star2:: [spoiler] You can access the “ Change Size by going to the bottom-left-corner and clicking it.

:zap: Now wire the zone to a teleporter in an out-of-bounds area.
Make sure there are walls to block the player from going any further.

Now wire the teleporter to a trigger (this makes sure the player always goes outside of the bush room)
You can configure your own delay for the trigger btw, I’d suggest 2-5 seconds.

Player Teleported Here > Trigger


Is the bush too OP?

Try doing one of these things:

  • Making the bushes move when someone is in the “bush room” using repeaters

:zap: Connect a wire from your teleporter to a repeater.

:Player Teleported Here > Start Repeater

:zap: Now connect the repeater to hide and show bushes to show a player is inside it.

Repeater Runs Task > Show/Hide prop/s


  • Limits for how many times you can go into the bush

Place a Counter.
Make the anything you want, I’d suggest less than 10, around 2-5 times.
Make the scope “player.”

:zap: Now wire your teleporter to the counter

Player Teleported Here > Increment Counter

:zap: Wire the counter to your zone covering the bush.

Target Value Reached > Deactivate Zone

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