I need ideas for jailbreak

Pls i need more robbery puzzles and more

Have a Section where the robbers need to go through a maze of lasers

How would I do that with lazzers?

Should I try to add working cars?

Which type of robbery like a factory, jewelry,

look at my tutorial here: How to animate a space rover moving but use lazers as well

You could make a robotics factory, or maybe a bank, with the cash piles everywhere, etc.

Can I share my game so you can tell what I need

I will not be able to get on right now so… idk

You can probably do that on the wixsite.

Ok I will post it. Ok

I am already in dev of JailBreak

Any ideas? Pls I need help

What do you mean you are the dev?

I think they mean development of jailbreak.

Yeah. You could give them speed 4 with a fuel movement meter. You could also include a braking and crashing system.

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