Help with a game!

So i’m making the battle of hoth in star wars, but i’m new to this so I really don’t know anything. I am thinking on making it capture the flag but honestly I need Ideas! Any help is appreciated.

Another game i’m trying to make is some sort of tower defence game, and I have no idea on how to do it.


What map do you want to complete first/are working on right now?

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you can use snowy terrian and hills for hoth and I think there may be aguide on a spaceship which you can turn into a snowspeeder

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1: For hoth you could use circle barriers with no borders (use multiple to your liking if you want) and you could utilize 3-D Terrain/Props and Tinted Barriers.
Layered terrain are good ways to utilize 3-D in Gimkit Creative.
Maybe buttons on the barrier that teleports you to what seems to be the planet but is actually another room.


2: For a tower defense game, you could make moving props that activate and deactivate for the enemy troops and sentries for your towers.
If Sentry-Device interactions were still here, it would be a lot easier for TD-Games because you could use zones and teleporters to teleport them.

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Are you going to release what it looks like on here?

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Welcome to the forum, @CaptainRex !