How do i make a security camera in gimkit?

Not possible right now, i’m sorry.

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In my amongus map, I have a camera view and the imposter just teleports outside the walls, and can watch everything inside. This could be a good workaround, but you can’t interact with things.


I think that would be good, but people can just walk outside of the map

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Which would be why you would add a second wall to keep them inside.


You could put the imposter area in a zone so button pop-ups show up in there.

If you figure this out would you mind pinging me with @? I would totally use this for a FNaF game. Imagine FNaF 2 is gimkit! If no one figures it out I guess I can make FNaF 4

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Use this guide:

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hi! I found a way to make the cams!
step 1: place a game overlay device.
Screenshot 2023-11-14 7.28.11 PM
step 2: set the overlay type to button, then make the overlay position can be anywhere you’d like (my example is bottom right)! next set overlay text and button transmit to anything. and finally make the overlay visible on game start.

step 3: place a teleporter and make it NOT visible in-game, and make it so that it teleports you there when receiving the overlay signal.
Screenshot 2023-11-15 8.06.24 AM
step 4: place barriers in a formation like this:
Screenshot 2023-11-15 8.08.22 AM
now make it so that it’s NOT visible in-game.
step 5: finally place something over the teleporter (I used a bush), and place a camera view device.

if this works mark it as a solution :smiley:

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Nice, pretty cool :slight_smile: !
It’s always nice when a new user’s first post is an answer to someone’s question or a Community Made Guides.
(Unlike me… anyways yeah)

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Dangit I didn’t post my tutorial fast enough. I used the same method.

I found a way to make it so that the animatronics can still attack you in cams! be sure to keep an eye out for my “all fnaf mechanics” guide.

make button that teleports you into a hidden space (hidden with a prop) and show a overlay button that when you click it, you get teleported back. (make the overlay not visable on game start, and make it hide when you exit the camera’s view.)

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