What sentry skin do you think fits Vesper? (The guy in the lore)

You could use the echo agent or vortex agent

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but those two are standard agents and that is not how the lore goes, they want it on the lore.

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Were is you great welcome messages?

oh filler

well blackhole talked about not copy pasting my welcome messages so I tried that.

I don’t like it… i like my welcome message

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I agree, and yeah @vqnillaxx the lore is a bit strange but if you want to read it, go to the fandom.

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Yoooo welcome to the forums!

Which sentry appearance… hmmm… honestly, I think any of them work pretty well. I think one of the best choices would stache though.

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Well don’t listen, its just a welcome message…

I think me and a bunch of others have cited a ton of reasons why the copypastsa welcome message is incredibly ineffective and annoying, so I personally wouldn’t categorize it as “just a welcome message”. If you want, I can elaborate.

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I agree, even his discription is mysterious, “you can trust me, I promise…” Like the option is clear.

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lets not turn today into last night, we each have our own opinions and respect that. Don’t start a argument over a welcome message.


Last night?

besides, i decided im going to write a new welcome message for others, change it up a bit, ya know?

Also, as for an argument, yeah, we should probably push it to this topic so as to just put all the spam in one place and not clog up the rest of the forum.

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yea last night was wild. this is a little recap i found

Im sorry for being off topic

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True but i would prefurre if we didn’t do that either. And @Caternaught yeah that might help prevent annoyance and arguments.

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Your good, a lot was said and a lot of good and bad happened. in the end things turned out good, but for 1 hour things were not so good.

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