Thumbnail requests

check if it is published sometimes it says that even when it does work

:roll_eyes: try it again, and if it dosn’t work let me see if i can do something

okay yeah it still doent work and @Foxy I’ve checked it still dont hsow it as published unless you cant see your published map…

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IDK what the problem it

I’m having trouble understanding that can you fix the grammar errors? :sweat_smile:

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there is no use i’ve tried like everything i might need to email gimkit or something because i’ve tried publishing all my maps and none of them publish because of the thumbnail

sorry if i was ths cause of this

since it seems like you copy and paste that this might be useful to add

@Claire_B did you try other images?

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@CoolGimkitPlayer Woah, slow down, this stuff takes time.

yes ive also tried png jpeg and jpg and image converters refreshing everything

mine took like 10 mints

@Claire_B ask about this in like

@Claire_B i fighured out your problem, it just looked like that when you publish the map it should take up the whole thumbnail thing

I try to put care into mine + im in school rn

@Foxy For future reference, bookmark this topic as it contains the rules.

This is so you can give them the link instead of an image.

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thats what i did i zoomed all the way out-

im just saying that theres nothing to worry about, it just looked like that, when you publish it it shoudl fill up the whole “thumbnail” box

oh okay looks like ill have to find a picture that fills that whole box then…

never mind i see your problem