How to make areas cost money

How do I make areas cost money? I’m building a fishtopia with my friend and I want to know how to make a area cost money

You can add a Barrier that deactivates when you purchase from a vending machine device!


With a wire! Press Z on your keyboard in game!

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Use this but reverse the barriers if they are on game start or when you buy it

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You could use barriers like this,


Seeing as you’re trying to make one like fishtopia. You could watch this video: or you can read here. Using a vending machine a teleporter and a button you can make the system. Have the button be unactive when the game starts. Have the vending machine be set to want cash (or whatever the currency is) and have the amount wanted to how much it costs. Connect the vending machine to the button like: purchase successful—> enable button now you could have the button either tell the teleporter at the zone to teleport directly, or you could have another teleporer, one a
near the spot the button is and another one at the zone. You could then have the button tell the teleporter near the button to teleport to target button pressed —> teleport to target.


As @Coral said, you can use a barrier (or a prop) that deactivates when you purchase from a vending machine (either invisible or visible).
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Add a barrier with a button connected to a vending machine

Make sure to set it so the vending machine is not visible in-game.

yea thats probably important

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