Can I make games for gimkit? if so how?

this place is for help bugs or looking at guides

Thank you for the help gum1922 :slightly_smiling_face:

your welcome also just asking are you new to this

You can publish your maps and collaborate with friends by clicking the gear (:gear:) button in the bottom-left corner. Do note you cannot share codes here, share them here instead:

no he was talking about like to publish like how it shows snowbrawl fishtopia and etc

yes i just made this account a few min ago.

That’s only for developers like josh or jeffo.

yea thats what i was thinking to.

oh so welcome, @Creepergrl2022

It only shows gimkits official modes in the dashboards, for many reasons

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ok also if you want to end topic click on somebody’s post to make it a solution bc we have the solution now

1: gamemodes may be a violation of gimkits tos
2: lots of maps will show in the dashboard causing spam
3: idk but this is another reason ig
well you can email gimkit or but there is a low chance it’ll get added

and too much lag bc im on school chromebook

oh wait this is kinda getting off topic imma be quiet

im also on my school computer

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also theres a code of conduct make sure to read make that top priority

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Hey guys, let’s get back on-topic here. We don’t want to get flagged.
@Creepergrl2022, please mark a random post as a solution to close the topic, this question has been solved.

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thank god

Welcome @Creepergrl2022! Please check out the new-user-must-read and beginner-must-read tags for more information on this forum and Gimkit Creative. Also check out this post: Welcome to the Forums!

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