Can you increase maximum Health/Shield mid-game

I don’t mean how you can set the maximum at the start. It would be an upgrade.

You can make the health 1000/1000 in the map settings and make the percentage low.



Wire the vending machine to grant some health.

Item Purchased > Grant Item

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this doesn’t really work with how i want to apply it. You’ll be able to Heal/Fix Shield already so those items can negate it.

I thought you wanted to increase health IN-GAME through an upgrade?
Can you please clarify?

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Increase MAX HEALTH/SHIELD in game not current.

They’re talking about increasing the health cap. , which isn’t possible.

Oh, okay.
You could suggest it on



I’m sure a lot of people already have. (Just saying)

They could upvote it though so it gets a higher chance of being added.


I don’t think you can but I know you can in creative

Maybe we should start telling users to search it up on nolt, instead of telling them to suggest it, maybe.

You should delete what you just said because that will probably get flagged

Oh yeah, that’s a good idea lol so they won’t make repeat suggestions about the same thing


And it is making others to go on other websites which this website cannot allow i do not think you can do that you might get banned

It’s not off-topic though?
Josh said suggestions are not allowed here so we’re discussing about the nolt.
It’s also not fanmade and it’s affiliated (technically because the gimkit team created it) so it’s okay to discuss here.


That’s an official gimkit website.

It is still supporting a different website

It’s allowed and reduces the clutter the forum gets.

Oh I did not know that