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I know how to make it so you can answer questions from the answer question button, however, I don’t want to show the questioner in game. Is there a way to make it invisible?

You could just place it out of bounds.
I’m not sure if there is a setting to make it invisible though.
Try looking in the All Options tab.

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You can also place it under a prop.

You could use a zone that activates a button that activates a questioner.

you can just make the questioner really small, or you can put it somewhere far away, or you can put a prop over it

Ok so wire a button to a questioner(opening answer screen) and then put the questioner out of bounds far away where the player can’t get to it or see it. Please mark a soultion to prevent off-topic and clutter. Also welcome to forums @andrew11! Remember to read the community guidelines!

If you want, you could make the questioner invisible by using a game overlay and turning it into a button on your screen that you can access at all times. If that’s what you want, here are the steps:

  1. Put down a questioner
  2. Put down a game overlay
  3. Click on the game overlay
  4. Set the overla type to button
  5. Set where you want the button on your screen (Bottom left, top right…)
  6. Set the text of the button (Answer Questions, Click…)
  7. Create a wire (z) and connect it from the game overlay to the questioner.
    1. Set it so that when the button is pressed, the question-answering screen is opened.
  8. ENJOY!

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Put it below a prop, or really anything!

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Does this work? chars

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