How to make onscreen questioner (Difficulty: 🟩)

1: What you’ll need: game overlay, questioner, item granter
2: set the game overlay to the overlay type button
3:Connect the game overlay to the questioner (Button pressed: open question answering screen)
4:Connect questioner to item granted (Question answered correctly: Grant item)
5:Add your kit to the questioner and the item you want to grant to the item granted
Screenshot 2023-05-26 9.27.34 AM
It should look like that ^^^^
Ps: Message me if it doesn’t work with a screenshot.


Great guide for beginners. Excellent job!

especially helpful for beginners


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Also, make sure to put text in the overlay text, or the button does not show up

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Didn’t josh make a tutorial on this?

Welcome to this community @Eli! And yes, but not everybody checks the docs.


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It was just a misspelling. I meant docs, not docks.

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Also, the best ideas for gimkit games are in the feedback website!


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thanks for the help so help full