How To Make Perks in MM2 [Difficulty 2/10 or 🟩]

If you play MM2 (or have played) there’s always one element that makes being the murderer fun! Perks! This guide will tell you how to give the murderer, or anyone else perks in the game.

What MM2 Is

Murder Mystery 2 is a Roblox game developed by Nikilis. It consists of a mystery type of genre and has roles. There is a murderer, (who tries to eliminate everyone) and a sheriff (who tries to eliminate the murderer) Innocents basically try not to get killed. If you kill the murderer, you win. If the sheriff drops the gun, you can pick it up, but only innocents. Learn more here:
MM2 Wiki

Teleporter x1
Health Granter x1
Speed Modifier x1
Popup x1
Damage Boost x1
(All of these are not necessary, bolded ones are required/suggested.

So first, place down your teleporter wherever you want, preferably where the murderer spawns at. Then, wire a popup from the teleporter. (Player teleported here, open popup.)
Screenshot 2024-01-26 1.11.00 PM

Edit the popup’s options so they look like this:
Screenshot 2024-01-26 1.11.22 PM
And then, have two call-to-action buttons with whatever perks you’d like.

Then, here comes the wiring. Wire the popup to one of the devices. For example, I would wire the popup to a damage modifier. (Primary call-to-action clicked activate damage boost.)
Screenshot 2024-01-26 1.20.55 PM

Now do it for every perk you’d like. If you want more than three perks, have it when the popup is closed it opens another popup with another call-to-action button.

Done! Now you can make perks in MM2! More guides are coming soon!


What’s MM2? I’m completely confused about the guide without it.

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Murder Mystery 2 is a game developed in Roblox where there are three roles: Innocents are the ones trying to run away, sheriff is the one whose destined to defeat the murderer, and the murderer is the one who basically tries to kill everyone.

MM2 Wiki


Oh, that makes wwaaaayyy more sense now. Please add that to your guide, but I think I’ll understand it better now. Also, you could have all the perk ideas for the game because it feels like a short guide without it.

Is this appropriate for Gimkit?

Just wondering so ur not getting banned.

I would say yes, seeing as among us maps are allowed and they involve killing in a similar manner to MM2.


Never thought of that…

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As long as it’s not specifically stated as too violent, it’s fine


Yeah, it’s not. No blood or anything. It’s a Roblox game.
Hope you like the guide. :slight_smile:

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Nice guide!

I like mm2

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cool! I can make perks now!
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