The Health Granter ❤: Explained

Alright…here we go…

There are lots of devices that people use, and sometimes there are some that people don’t even seem to recognize. But there is one device that can be used for so many different games, the Health Granter! This detailed guide will show you how to use it, and how it is used.


The Health Granter is used to give players health. You can receive health in many ways, such as pressing a button or triggering, or when a player achieves something, it sends the player through a channel. Let’s take a look at the settings.

  • AMOUNT- This is pretty much the main function of the entire device. This setting just asks how much health/shield to give. The default amount is 25, but it can be as much as 200. You cannot receive it if you are already full on health or shield. (Meaning, if you have 100 health and it grants 50, you will not receive any if you already have the full amount possible.) If you have at least 1 health/shield your given health/shield, it will grant the missing amount. (Meaning if you have 100 shield/health and you lose 1, you will be granted the health and not just 50, but the missing amount.)
    Screenshot 2024-01-19 9.47.49 AM

  • GRANT TYPE- This setting just tells you if you want to grant health or a shield. Here are the featured options:
    Health :heart:: This setting is used if you only want to give health and not shield. If you select this option, the player will only receive health at the configured amount.
    Shield :shield:: This setting is used if you want to give the player shield, and not health. If you select this option, the player will only receive shield at the configured amount.
    Health, Then Shield :shield: :hearts:: This option is used if you want to give the player both health and shield. If you select this option, the player will first receive health, then it will give the player shield at the configured amount.
    Screenshot 2024-01-19 10.22.21 AM

GRANT HEALTH WHEN RECEIVING ON -This setting is just asking if you would like to have the health granted when a message is received through a channel. For example, if a player shoots a sentry, the sentry would send a message through a channel. When the health granter receives this message, it would grant the player the health/shield!
Screenshot 2024-01-19 10.28.44 AM

To have a better understanding of the device, let’s look at a few examples of using the health granter. Let’s start with possible wiring. Since you cannot wire items FROM a health granter, you can wire items to it instead. Blocks are also not available on the health granter.

Wiring Uses

Button pressed :arrow_right: grant player health
Player enters zone :arrow_right: grant player health
Target value reached :arrow_right: grant player health
Screenshot 2024-01-19 10.50.33 AM Screenshot 2024-01-19 10.49.50 AM

Channel Uses
  • Player knocks out sentry :arrow_right: send a message on channel :arrow_right: grant player health

  • Player on team 2 enters a zone :arrow_right: increments counter :arrow_right: player enters another zone :arrow_right: increments counter :arrow_right: target value reached :arrow_right: grant player health
    Screenshot 2024-01-19 10.56.22 AM
    Screenshot 2024-01-19 10.56.38 AM

And that’s all for the health granter! Thanks for reading the first Ultimate Guide on devices! I might make another one!

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