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I’m making a snowball shooter map, and it feels really awkward to have questioners placed around the map. Is there a way for players to always have access to questions like in snowbrawl?

Use a game overly with a button.
Connect a wire to the questioner.

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Make sure to set the game overlay to button, and have the wire say (button pressed → open questioner).

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You mean GSPO?

Yeah i do mean GSPO.

guys, beginner-must-read was replaced with new-user-must-read , remember?

yeah and no, its the same thing, idk why there are two different tags.

It’s because TL3 can’t delete tags.

they (tl3) decided beginner-must-read was a bad tag in the tags debate then changed it (5 hrs ago)

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Yeah, what’s the problem?

Not exactly it was bad, the name was just confusing since it implies that it’s also for gimkit related things


Nothing. I like it better. (new users could be boss at GKC, but bad at the forum.)
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